Mounatin Justice Spring Break

Mountain Justice Spring Break

MJSB 2008 Protests AMP-Ohio Headquarters East Coast Power Mountain Justice activists share their grievances with West Virginia's Gov. Manchin Steam billows from the Gavin coal fired plant's massive cooling tower Mountain Justice activists protest for a new School at Marsh Fork
Southern Energy Network Energy Justice Network



Q: Who is planning MJSB?

A: MJSB is planned by a volunteer collective of youth, students and community organizers from across the US. Folks collaborate via working groups (such as media, fundraising, outreach, etc.) and using conference calls and a list serve.  


Q: How can I get involved?
Contact us if you would like to join the Planning Collective to help organize MJSB.  New organizers are welcome - you don't have to be an expert on coal or energy issues.  We need volunteers to help plan and cook meals at MJSB, prepare the site, do outreach and publicity, wash dishes, staff the welcome and registration tables, plan the workshop and entertainment schedule for the week, and help throughout the week.  


Q: What is the sleeping situation?
A:  This will be determined once the location is finalized.  Go to


Q: How many people are expected?
about 150


Q: What will the weather be like?
March can be a cool in Appalachia - we can expect highs in the upper 60s, lows dipping into the 30s at night, and some rain over the course of the week.


Q: Do I need a vehicle?
A: You will need a vehicle (carpool!) to get to MJSB, but once on site you're all set.  If you need a ride, or if you have room in your vehicle, visit the MJSB Rideboard.  

Q: What should I bring?

A: Everone should bring your own water bottle, go cup, flashlight, sturdy shoes, clothes (layer for warmth), toiletries, towel, camera, notebook & pen for notes, any personal medication, any materials or literature to share, musical instruments, your smiling face!  Please bring any food donations and give them to the kitchen crew. 


Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Assistance/Service animals are welcome at MJSB. For all other inquiries regarding pets, please e-mail us!


Q: What is the schedule / what will be doing each day?
A:   Go to


Q: Can I come for part of the time, or do I have to stay for the whole thing?
A: Participants are welcome to come whenever they are able. For the best experience, however, we recommend staying the whole week. More than likely, an action will occur at some point(s) during MJSB.


Q: How much does it cost?


Q: Are there waivers/scholarships available?
We believe that if anything is worth spending money on, it is fighting for environmental justice. We encourage you to think seriously about what you can afford, and also don't forget to ask more financially stable relatives/comrades/community members to give you the gift of Mountain Justice Spring Break. Consider holding fundraisers on your campus, asking professors/community members to contribute donations. A list of fundraising ideas is available on the Promote page in the Campus Coordinator Toolkit.


Q: What is the food situation? Can you accommodate special dietary needs (vegetarian, allergies, etc.)?

A: We provide all food for the week.  Food served will be primarily vegetarian with vegan options (no meat or dairy). We are able to accomodate gluten-free diets as well.  If you need to eat meat/dairy for health reasons please let us know in advance and think about bringing your own meat or paying extra (as meat/dairy is more expensive and harder to store). All efforts will be made to accommodate dietary restrictions, please be sure to include any info on your registration.


Q: Is the lodge ADA accessible?
A:  Go to


Direct action

Q: What is the policy on non-violence?
We believe that peaceful protest and civil disobedience are powerful forces for change in a democratic society, and we defend the rights of individuals and organizations to practice them.

Mountain Justice Spring Break Planning Collective deplores efforts that, under the guise of anti-terrorism, attempt to squelch public dissent and curtail our civil liberties by criminalizing our constitutional right to peaceful protest. The government’s use of taxpayer dollars to spy on environmental and social justice groups is fiscally and morally irresponsible and sets a frightening precedent for all individuals wishing to effect social change.


Q: Am I going to get arrested?
Not if you don't want to! All actions will be optional and any direct action that involves arrestable situations will also involve non-arrestable support roles. While no one can guarantee how cops will behave in any given situation, every precaution will be taken to ensure that no one will be arrested who does not want to be. The arrest-risk levels of all actions will be discussed with all action participants prior to any action.


Q: Is this thing for real?  It seems too good to be true.
Heck yes it's for real.   :0)